Shocking photos show that the WACS cable break was caused by a short-circuit

Shocking. Get it? IT’S AN ELECTRIC PUN, LOL.

With the SAS Internet McFixership now finishing up at the first of two repair sites, images of the cable fault responsible for trashing our pings since January have been uploaded to the internet – and that thing is melted as fuuuuuck.

According to Business Insider, citing an unidentified source, the cable bombed out as a result of a short-circuit, itself a result of immense pressure, and that a result of recent rains in the Congo flooding submarine trenches with sediment, maybe, or… a volcano.

“Deep down, there isn’t much sources of heat. (So) it was either a short circuit from the power that goes to repeater or from a geothermal from a small ocean volcano.”

Rain, volcano, some cosmic horror feeding in the dark, its limpid tentacles sucking at the plastic as it dreams of flesh. I mean, who even knows what lurks in the water. What we do know is that this is exactly how one of those Roland Emmerich disaster-porn movies starts.

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