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Ubisoft releasing five triple-A games in near future, none of which are Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft has five triple-A games set for release towards the end of 2020 into early 2021. We know what three of them are. What are the other two? Not Beyond Good & Evil 2 – sorry.

Ubisoft’s most recent earnings call revealed that they intend to release five triple-A titles in the near future, this includes Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods & Monsters, and Rainbow Six Quarantine, between October and December 2020, and two unknown games in the first quarter of 2021. The three games we know about were all meant to come out earlier in 2020, but were delayed to allow for more development time.

What about the other two? According to Ubisoft, the two unknowns are both based on some of their “biggest” franchises, so probably another Assassin’s Creed (maybe with vikings, this time), and potentially a new Far Cry. Neither of them are Beyond Good & Evil 2, if that’s what you were hoping. With the current release schedule, don’t expect that to appear until, at least, April 2021.

Ubisoft officially announced they were working on the Beyond Good & Evil prequel back at E3 2017, but we haven’t heard much about it since, besides the suggestion that we might get a playable demo by the end of 2019

It’s looking like it’s going to be a good 20 years between games if these delays keep happening; that has to be some kind of record.

Via GameSpot.

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