Are you watching Locke and Key?

Because you should be. Based on Joe Hill’s IDW-published graphic novel series of the same name, Netflix’s new Narnia-but-if-Stephen-King-wrote-it mixes the whimsical tropes of inquisitive kids and extra-dimensional doors with emotional trauma, family secrets, and gothic horror.

When Randall Locke is murdered, his wife and kids move back to his childhood home in Massachusetts, a crumbling manor house and object of some local intrigue, to start over. But this is no ordinary crumbling manor house (if such a thing even exists), and siblings Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler soon find that the Keyhouse has very special keys that can unlock very special locations – some of which, however, should perhaps not be unlocked. Also, there’s a woman whispering promises from the bottom of a derelict well in the garden, and that’s not a thing that’s ever going to have a happy ending for anybody who’s seen The Ring.

Apparently Bode hasn’t seen The Ring.

Locke and Key is out now on Netflix.

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