CS:GO busts its Steam player record, prompting important questions like “do these guys even know that other games exist?”

Over the weekend, Valve’s 2012 competitive FPS clocked 901,681 concurrent players, some 51,196 over its previous record of 850,485. That’s almost one million players who could be playing something else, anything else instead, but choose to play CS:GO.

According to Steam stats, the game is maintaining its almost consistent top position on the service ahead of Dota 2 and PUBG – two more games that, for reasons that can’t be adequately explained, people are still playing in 2020.

In other CS:GO news, however, Valve has confirmed that a new anti-asshole system is in development, which auto-mutes players who won’t shut up about your dismal ratios (or your mom).

Players will receive a warning if they receive significantly more abuse reports than other players.

If they ignore that feedback and continue to receive abuse reports, they’ll receive a penalty: they will be muted by all other players by default. This ‘default mute’ state will remain until the player earns enough XP to remove the penalty, but other players can choose to manually unmute the user (as they would any other muted player).

And as established by a US federal court last month, this kind of auto-muting is not, in fact, in violation of your human rights.


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