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Apex Legends reintroduces Duos for Valentine’s Day

Just in time to remind you that you’re single and probably going to die alone and be eaten by cats, the game’s love-up Duos mode is back like your obnoxious Auntie Dorene at Xmas asking why you don’t have a plus-one, and you’re 23 now, and what about grandkids for mom and dad.

First debuted in November, Duos mode is re-deploying for a limited time from 11-18 February, and includes double XP for nauseating co-uples (to a maximum of 20,000 per day), a special Valentine’s 2020 badge to commemorate the moment you realised that your ex has moved on, and some exclusive new premium cosmetics to make it even worse. Or not? I don’t know you. And besides, it was totally mutual.

Pink. What a cliché.

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