SAS Internet McFixership has been delayed (again, again)

But this time, the delay doesn’t actually mean a delay, even though it’s a delay. For now, anyway, until it’s a delay-delay but let’s not jinx it.

The job at the WACS repair site has been delayed (that’s delayed as in delayed, not delayed-delayed) due to “unfavourable” conditions, according to Openserve PR, and is now expected to finish on 18 February, not 17 February as previously estimated. From there, the ship will move on to the next repair site near Ghana – but, despite this delay (which is a delay, like a delay, but not a delay-delay), the schedule is on time, and work on the other cable break should be complete by 25 February, also as previously estimated.

This is subject to conditions not becoming inconveniently “unfavourable”, obviously, but let’s not jinx that, either.

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