Rainbow Six Siege Tomb Raider Ash

Rainbow Six Siege’s Ash gets another Elite skin, because who else could pull off Lara Croft?

You don’t understand, she already has the sunglasses and the braid, you guys.

Tomb Raider Ash is an Elite skin that includes the iconic uniform skin, some headgear, a victory animation, some gadget and weapon skins, and a Lara Croft chibi charm, but no actual, in-game, duel wielding (in case the trailer led you astray). It’ll probably set you back 1800 R6 Credits, like the other Elite skins.

Ash already has two Elite skins, while many other Operators have none, but who else were they going to squeeze into those short shorts and thigh holsters? They couldn’t not do a Tomb Raider skin; don’t be absurd.

This Elite skin offering is part of upcoming Operation Void Edge, the first season of Rainbow Six Siege’s fifth year, which should launch in March and hits the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server on PC today.

Other things to look forward to in Year 5 include six new Operators (including one South African), reworks of the Oregon, House, Skyscraper, and Chalet maps, a Tachanka rework, a revised Ping system, and some core gameplay reworks.


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