StarCraft: Ghost leaks on the internet

Remember StarCraft: Ghost? First announced in 2002 for launch in 2003, then subsequently delayed to 2004, then 2005, then 2006, then “suspended indefinitely”, then cancelled, Blizzard’s vaporware game has now turned up on YouTube.

Over the weekend, several YouTube users uploaded videos of an Xbox dev build of the game. Most of the links have since been scrubbed, but at publish time, this one by Delso Bezerra is live.

Twitter user Andrew Borman also posted some screenshots, citing an anonymous source from “various Xbox groups”.

StarCraft: Ghost was originally expected to launch on Xbox, GameCube, and PS2, but as production was consistently delayed and swapped from one studio to the next, the game got stuck between multiple console generations and Blizzard’s new focus on World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2. Confirmation in 2014 that it was cancelled was not exactly unexpected.

Via Kotaku.

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