Remedy’s Vanguard is a “service-based multiplayer game”

The Alan Wake and Control studio is prepping to jump into the #trendy service-based multiplayer game space with its next project, described as a “service-based multiplayer game”. It’s not exactly ambiguous.

According to Remedy’s 2019 investor review, the game exists as an “internally playable first development version” and is now “proceeding to pre-production”, with a team of 15 employees working on it. But what even is it? The game’s website blurb is almost entirely devoid of real info, besides this:

The small “Vanguard” development team will act with a startup mentality within the stability of a large company. Its mission is to challenge conventions and to prototype and ship new types of ongoing live multiplayer game experiences, alongside our established and growing core game development teams and the Northlight technology group.

I dunno if that counts as real info, though.

We can probably assume, however, that a “service-based multiplayer game” is what’s on the box – so, a game like Destiny, The Division, or Fortnite. Or World of WarCraft. Or even Candy Crush Saga. It’s kind of a diverse category, so that’s not real info either. But it’s also something totally different for Remedy, which has previously stuck with single-player games. And it’s not Alan Wake 2, which is a bummer.

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