SAS Internet McFixership has completed its mission to save our pings

Openserve has confirmed that the repair job on the submarine cable breaks has concluded, with 15,000 XP, a level up, and a new “CONNECTIVITY RESTORED” perk unlock.

Two “unprecedented” faults on the SAT-3/WASC and WACS cables occurred simultaneously on 16 January, causing internet problems for multiple local ISPs and their customers in South Africa. Inconveniently, the ship’s departure from Cape Town was delayed by bad weather, and work on the WACS site was also subsequently delayed, also because of bad weather.

One other repair job on the WACS cable is unfinished for now, but this fault is not limiting traffic, and a fix is expected by 25 February.

We’re back online, baby. I love the smell of cat GIFs in the morning.

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