Warface Nintendo Switch

Warface gets a surprise Switch launch

Warface isn’t the only online FPS on the Nintendo Switch, but it is free.

My.com is trying to capitalise on the lack of online shooters on the Switch by launching Warface, a fairly popular (in Europe and Asia), if a little generic, free-to-play FPS, on the hybrid gaming system. The Switch version runs at 30 frames per second and 720p when docked. In handheld mode it runs at 540p. It also supports HD Rumble and gyroscope controls and, since it’s free, you don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play it.

Warface is a class-based, military-style shooter featuring PvP and co-op PvE, raid-type, game modes. Being free-to-play it does also feature a range of currencies with which you can buy things. Things like superior weapons, which you can buy with actual money when you don’t have time/patience for the grind. This has led to accusations of Warface being pay-to-win, as the equivalent free guns either take a long time to obtain or are hidden behind randomised loot boxes, purchased using Warface Dollars (earned via progression).

Once you’ve got the good free guns, though, they are, apparently, just as competitive as the ones purchased with the premium currency. So, there’s that.

Will you be giving Warface a go on the Nintendo Switch? Log in before 31 March and you’ll get a free Tactical Axe and a seven-day VIP booster.

Via Nintendo Life.

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