No Man's Sky Living Ship

No Man’s Sky goes organic with the Living Ships update

Just grasp its veiny tendrils and off you go.

The latest update to No Man’s Sky brings the ability to find, incubate, and grow your very own sentient star ship and it’s not weird, okay? These bio-ships come in a variety of procedurally-generated types, with their own set of unique technologies, and you pilot them from the… cockpit, which looks exceptionally moist when played in VR. Want one of your very own to bend to your will? Just visit the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg, if you know what I mean.

Where did these living ships come from? Have a look at a new series of missions, called Starbirth, to find out. On your pulse-flight travels between planets, you may also encounter new mystery objects and life forms which you can investigate for fun, profit, and potential death. While pootling about the galaxy, in your pulsating space sac, don’t be surprised if an NPC hails you over the communicator to tell you all about their sweet deals, to request your assistance, or to do you a murder, because they can do that now, too.

This update also adds a whole bunch of quality of life improvements and fixes a whole lot of bugs. For all the details, check out the patch notes.

And, may I compliment you on your ship’s Vast Crevice and Luminal Trunk.

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