Most Mass Effect players chose Paragon over Renegade because they lack discipline and commitment to the cause of intergalactic degeneracy

Presented with a decision between being nice or being an intriguing and unpredictable agent of chaos with gleaming eyeballs, it turns out that nine times out of ten, Commander Shepard was wrong.

That’s according to Mass Effect designer John Ebenger, who recently confirmed on Twitter that 92 percent of the game’s players were virtue-signalling suck-ups to the Systems Alliance code of conduct, who went with dreary “diplomacy” and “moral decency” and “oh, but espionage is bad” over the much more ambiguous, perhaps, but also much more compelling prospects of messing with the genophage.

That’s a lot of simpering dorks who missed out on the opportunity to punch Khalisah al-Jilani. Not that I think violence against women is ever okay, obviously, but tabloid hacks aren’t even human so it doesn’t count.

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