Stupid conspiracy theory claims coronavirus is a “digitised” epidemic transmitted by 5G mobile devices

In this week’s edition of News You Can’t Even Make Up, tinfoil specialists on social media are now alleging that COVID-19 is a method of “remote assassination” by “smart dust”, and this is news you can’t even make up.

Proving that the thing your grampy read on social media is definitely not a reliable source of information, this Facebook post cites an impressively incoherent mix of techno-panic, anti-vax rhetoric, and Trump’s Space Force as evidence of some kind of liberal space lizard US election plot that probably, if also implictly, includes the the ambiguous subtext of emails about pizza.

Wuhan, which was the first site for the coronavirus epidemic, was also one of the first cities in China to launch 5G mobile network support, so it’s… obvious like that? WAKE UP, SHEEPLE. THE V WAVE IS REAL.

Via The Next Web.

It’s a bird, it’s a houseplant, no, it’s… sentient mushroom people? This is The Fungies!