Destiny 2 Osiris

Bungie is moving Bright Engrams to the Destiny 2 Season Pass (the free bit)

Come Season 10, the randomised loot will no longer be purchasable with real money in Destiny 2.

Bright Engrams are a type of loot in Destiny 2 that you can either earn, as you continue to level up beyond the level 20 cap, or buy, using the premium Silver currency you can only obtain with actual money. The issue with buying Bright Engrams is that they’re random and you don’t know what you’re getting until you decipher them, which is all a little 2017. Fortunately, they’re only ever cosmetic items or things that won’t help you kill things better, like exotic Sparrows, emotes, and ornaments.

According to game director Luke Smith, they “want players to know what something costs before they buy it”, so, from Season 10, you won’t be able to buy Bright Engrams from the Eververse Store any more. They’re not disappearing from the game, though. You’ll still be able to earn Bright Engrams as you level up beyond the level cap and they will be added to the Free Track of the Season Pass.

Destiny 2’s 10th season, Season of the Worthy, begins on 10 March 2020 at around 20:00 SAST.

Via GameSpot.

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