Apex Legends Bloodhound

Respawn wants you to know that you’ve been playing Bloodhound all wrong

The latest update to Apex Legends patches Bloodhound’s tactical ability to bring them more in line with their reconnaissance role.

Apex Legends’ System Override Event brings with it an update to Bloodhound that increases the scan distance of their Eye of the Allfather ability, but also increases the time it takes to activate, so players are less likely to use it during a fight. According to Respawn, Bloodhound is meant to be a recon character (like Pathfinder and Crypto), scanning the area for enemies, before the team engages, and then hunting them down using Beast of the Hunt.

Up until now, most players have been using Bloodhound as a purely offensive character, abusing Eye of the Allfather as if they’re the Predator, so it will be interesting if this changes their playing style. Are you part of the Bloodhound gang? How do you feel about being put in your place?

For more details about changes coming to Apex Legends, check out the full patch notes, over here.

The Apex Legends System Override Event runs from 3 to 17 March 2020.

Via GameSpot.

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