It’s Friday and this Twitter account is cataloguing the wonders of waterfalls in games

If you’re not compelled to check behind every in-game waterfall you come across, regardless of the genre, are you even a gamer?

Brought to you by the same excellent human behind the Can You Pet the Dog? account, which tracks the goodest boys in games, the Is Something Behind the Waterfall? Twitter account is collecting a list of waterfalls in games that are hiding all manner of secrets.

The new account already has almost 18,000 followers and, besides The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has, so far, divulged some of the torrential treasures to be found within Halo: Combat Evolved, Earthbound, and The Witcher III. There has been no confirmation as to what will happen if a dog is found behind a waterfall.

Checking behind waterfalls in the real world usually only yields dampness and surprised amphibians – please exercise caution.

Via IGN.

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