Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn

Spawn’s showing off some cape flair in his Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay trailer

Everyone loves a dramatic cape flip, but what really sells this trailer is the voice of Keith David – the one true Spawn.

Mortal Kombat 11 is rounding out the DLC pack with the best video game representation of Spawn there has, probably, ever been. Chains, necroplasm, swagger, a semi-sentient cape that hides an absurd artillery, and a whole mess of blood – what’s not to love?

They’ve even got Keith David reprising his voice role from the adults-only animated series of the 90s that we all watched as teens, because it was dark, edgy, and full of swears, just like our souls.

Spawn enters Mortal Kombat 11 Early Access, for those who purchased the Kombat Pack, on 17 March, while everyone else can get him from 24 March 2020. If you don’t have the Kombat Pack yet, it is currently on sale in the local Microsoft and PlayStation stores.

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