Call of Duty: Warzone Drop

The Call of Duty: Warzone install is so big because it’s just that big, you guys

There’s just a lot going on, okay?

Released this week, Call of Duty: Warzone came with a massive player count and a massive install file, between 80GB and 100GB, depending what platform you’re using – pretty taxing for your average internet connection. If you already own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the size is reduced to 15GB or 22GB, but still.

According to a tweet by Modern Warfare production designer Paul Haile, the game is so big because it just has “a ton of content”, but, also, it shares progression with Modern Warfare. This means that everything that works in Modern Warfare also has to work in Warzone, creating “a mountain of data”. He also admits that their production pipeline could be better.

If you just want to get a feel for Warzone, without committing to the full install, the download for newcomers is segmented so you can play offline Gunfight matches, against bots, after downloading 20GB. That’s something?

Apex Legends’ install size maxes out at around 57GB on the Xbox One…. just saying… if you like things like hard drive space.

Via GameSpot.

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