The Xbox Series X console is significantly smaller than a fridge, promises Microsoft

Despite its fashionable kitchen-kouture aesthetics, Microsoft’s marketing team wants you to know that the Xbox Series X is not actually a fridge because it’s not even the same size.

Since the next-gen console’s debut at the Game Awards in December 2019, jokes about its boxy visual design have almost exceeded the launch hype, with a lot of them comparing the Xbox Series X to a fridge. Because, I mean, it kind of looks like a fridge, doesn’t it? A mini-fridge, maybe, but definitely a fridge.

How does it measure up against a for-reals fridge, though? Let’s analyse the numbers.

The Xbox Series X measures 151 x 151 x 301mm. The average fridge measures 762 x 635 x 1778mm. This is a substantial difference in dimensions. So it looks like a fridge, but it isn’t a fridge. That’s, like, basic physics.

It’s also not a fridge because it’s a video game console, but that’s obvious. Less obvious, perhaps, is that it’s not a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor jet, either, which measures 18,923 x 13,563.6 x 5,080mm.


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