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GOG wants you to stay at home and play some free games

If you’re already worrying about burning through your backlog and somehow exhausting the magical well that is the Xbox Game Pass, worry not, for GOG might have a little free something to keep you occupied in these viral times.

Before you get too excited, GOG.com (the digital PC game distributor owned by CD Projekt) has simply gathered together the games it was already offering for free into one, convenient, place for ease of perusal; they’re not giving away The Witcher 3 or anything (there is always Gwent, though). You can find the list of free downloads over here.

The majority of the 27 free offerings are from the 90s, including a bunch of Ultima, but you will find a few more recent titles, such as Hello Neighbor and CAYNE. There’s also 2003’s POSTAL: Classic and Uncut which… doesn’t seem like the best idea… Anyway, let’s not be too picky, they are free. They’re also DRM free, so you can share them around as much as you like. Although, GOG would appreciate it if you encouraged your friends to get them from the source.

If you’re not into any of this, and you didn’t spend all your savings on toilet paper, GOG.com currently has a Spring sale going on with some pretty excellent deals.

So, stay home, play games, and help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Via SlashGear.

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