Monument Valley 2

Distract yourself from reality with Monument Valley 2 for free

Need some puzzling distraction that won’t take up the whole dining room table or be partially consumed by the dog you can no longer walk? Have a go at Monument Valley 2, now free on the Google Play Store. No prior Monument Valley experience required.

First released in 2017, Monument Valley 2 is a critically-acclaimed, isometric, puzzle game in which you must guide the character Ro, and her child, through some M.C. Esher-esque architecture and optical illusions in order to reach your goal. The graphics are gorgeous, the music is soothing, what more could you want while wiling away your lockdown hours?

It’s not clear how long Monument Valley 2 will be available for free, so get on it while you can. This offer doesn’t seem to apply to the iOS version of the game, sorry. Requires the Google Play Games app to work.

Via Android Police.

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