You can tell your mom to stop sharing Facebook posts claiming COVID-19 is caused by 5G, because it’s the worst kind of fake news

Because you can count on people with zero scientific expertise becoming instant scientific experts in a pandemic, the inevitable conspiracy theories about COVID-19 now include new (but no less specious) links between the virus and 5G networks.

Moving on from the previous position of “remote assassination” by “smart dust”, Karens on Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other sources of THE FACTS misinformation propose instead that it’s, you know, the radiations. Citing the same incoherent mix of techno-panic and anti-vax rhetoric but with extra space-lizard new world order intrigue, the updated conspiracy theories allege that 5G radiation is going to kill everybody and “depopulate” the planet, so Bill Gates can inject us with a vaccine that’s actually a microchip to control our thoughts – even though, in this scenario, we’re dead and there’s zero population to even vaccinate, but that’s like a totally inconsequential factor, okay.

In the meantime, for-reals scientific experts have confirmed that 5G networks are safe, according to The Guardian, and use mobile frequencies that have existed since 1998. The thing that most not-so-scientific-experts mess up is the difference between ionising and non-ionising electromagnetic radiation. Ionising radiation is bad, non-ionising radiation is not bad. Guess which one is associated with mobile frequencies? It’s non-ionising radiation, for those of you who guessed wrong.

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