Explaining board game rules is hard

If you don’t feel personally attacked by this video, congratulations. Now try explaining them over Discord.

Yes, we’re all in lockdown, which makes playing board games, with anyone other than whoever you’re stuck with, a little difficult. Fortunately, Tabletopia exists, so you can play a whole bunch of licensed board games with your friends, online, for free, and go through the fun of explaining the rules without even being face-to-face.

Tabletopia is an online arena for playing board games. Pick a game, invite your friends, and off you go. There’s no AI to enforce the rules, so you’ll have to know what they are – just like real life!

The free version lets you choose from a list of 800 games, while about 50 are locked behind a Premium list. Just letting you know, Settlers of Catan isn’t on there, but I’m sure you’ll find many other games to keep you occupied. Maybe have a go at Everdell, Islebound, or Sub Terra.

You can access Tabletopia from your PC or macOS browser or via Steam, the App Store, or Google Play.

It’s okay, let’s just start playing and you’ll get it.

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