DoA Island

The UFC is going to host international fights on a mystery island

Basically, the UFC has become a fighting game movie adaptation.

President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White recently explained his plans to secure an island where the UFC will host international fights. Fighters, presumably mortals, will be chosen from around the world and then taken to the mystery island, without knowing where they’re going, to take part in international bouts of combat.

White is, apparently, in the process of securing the island for two months and intends to host weekly fights, back-to-back, as a way to continue the UFC while other live sporting events have all been cancelled to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All participants will be screened for the virus before being brought to the island. Will this constitute necessary international travel, though?

It’s unclear whether the security of the Earth realm is at stake or if the winner just gets, like, a belt or something. Also, there has been no indication that the assembled fighters will be playing beach volley ball in their downtime.


Via Kotaku.

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