Bring Back Sports opens registration for FIFA 20 and PUBG Mobile competitions

Local esports charity event Bring Back Sports is hosting two competitions this weekend, with prizes including Samsung phones, console swag, and more up for the win.

Organised by South African esports bro and marketing guy Glenn Kisela and Mzansi music industry superfan Texx and the City in collaboration with Nodwin Gaming, the Bring Back Sports campaign includes a mix of esports and kiff toonz with a contender lineup featuring local pro gamers, streamers, and musicians, and prizes up for the win. Proceeds from the event, including entry fees and donations, will go to the Solidarity Fund, a government-sponsored coronavirus medical and social support service, and content creator platform BUSQR.


  • Join the Bring Back Sports Discord channel
  • Send your PSN/Xbox/PUBG Mobile username and real name, and your Discord username to to confirm

Registration is open to everybody, but slots are limited so stop wasting time and go get signed up, jeez.

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