Fortnite Houseparty Fryangles Wrap

Every Fortnite player is getting a new wrap because of the Houseparty trivia game

If you’ve recently persevered though the Houseparty app’s fairly rubbish video and audio quality, in an effort to connect with other humans during the lockdown, and had a go at the Fortnite trivia deck, you probably helped everyone get a new weapon and vehicle wrap. The Fortnite community thanks you for your service.

A week ago, Fortnite’s Twitter account promised that Fortnite players would receive a global reward if the Houseparty app’s Fortnite trivia game achieved 20 million correct answers by 16 April. Well, the marketing stunt worked and now everyone’s getting a free Fryangles Wrap.

Epic Games owns both Fortnite and Houseparty, so this sort of collaboration makes sense. I imagine we could see more game-related trivia, and rewards, in the future. At least until the lockdowns end and we all forget Houseparty ever existed, because we’ll be allowed to go to actual houses to, like, party.

The wrap will be included in the 12.41 build, which will probably drop some time around 20 April 2020.

Via GameSpot.

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