Logitech Pro X gaming headset review

50mm hybrid mesh PRO-G
20 - 20,000 Hz
Logitech SA

The Logitech Pro series was first introduced in 2018 and last year the company updated the model with a new look and an awesome new technology collaboration with audio giants Blue Voice – the guys that make the popular Yeti microphone. At first glance, there is not much difference in the hardware comparing the Logitech Pro and Pro X. In fact, both look almost identical, and apart from the colour finish on the ear cups, the box contents are the same.

The difference, however, and the thing that gives this product that “X” in its name is the Blue Voice tech. The original model introduced in 2018 is a great product and features pristine audio with good range, but the partnership with Blue Voice gives the Logitech Pro X headset real street cred – especially for content creators and game streamers.

As to be expected, the Logitech Pro X offers a premium unboxing experience with quality materials, and a good selection of accessories to boot. The package includes the headset with a matte black finish throughout, and a brushed aluminum finish on each cup. There are three sets of cables which include a 3.5mm braided audio cable for PC use, a 3.5mm audio cable with a built-in microphone for mobile gamers, and a PC splitter cable to connect the Pro X mic to a PC. There’s also a detachable microphone and an additional set of memory foam cloth pads included. The leatherette memory foam pads that come installed out of the box are very comfortable, but the cloth pads are ideal for gamers who want breathable cups when things get sweaty.

While both the Pro and Pro X offer the same package up to this point, the USB dongle included in the box is where things get interesting. With the Logitech Pro X, the USB dongle features Blue Voice tech, which vastly improves the microphone capabilities. But more on the microphone later.


As far as head-wrapped speakers go, the Logitech Pro X offers one of the best gaming audio experiences I’ve had over the last few years. The headset fits very comfortably and wraps snuggly around your ears without feeling like a tight fit – even with glasses on. The build quality and flexibility of the headset band are equally impressive, and there should be no issue if you accidentally sit on these or knock them off your desk. I could wear these for hours at a time without feeling that my ears got tired or sore from the cup pressure around the ears. You can connect the Logitech Pro X to any 3.5mm audio source or you can connect it to your PC using the USB dongle to unlock a few cool features.

Once you connect your headphones to your PC using this dongle you’ll enable the new feature set within the Logitech G Hub software. Here you can adjust the playback audio quality to suit your preference, and you can adjust virtually every aspect of the mic thanks to the Blue Voice collaboration.

To enable these settings, you’ll first need to enable Blue Voice. There are several “Pro” and “Broadcaster” presets you can choose, or you can dig in and configure the microphone yourself. There’s also a voice equaliser allowing you to manage levels, while an additional six audio filters allow you to tweak almost everything else – from an audio compression to a high-pass filter. I’ve never seen so much control over the mic in a gaming headset.

To make things even more convenient, there’s even a mic test button that allows you to record a voice snippet that loops back as you adjust the settings. After a few minutes of tweaking, I was able to create a sound profile to best work with my voice and I was really impressed with the results. In all honesty, the microphone settings may be overkill for most but it you have a streamer or audio creator, these settings give you a wide range of control to get your voice audio sound just the way you want it to. Profiles can be saved to the headset DAC and you can even share it with friends.

For adjusting game audio or music, there’s a five-channel equaliser, also with a number of “Pro” and “Broadcast” presets to quickly pick a style. You can enable surround sound and configure each of the surround sound’s eight-volume channels independently.

While the playback volume of the Logitech Pro X is reasonably loud, I could not get the drivers to distort even when pushing the bass levels to its maximum. Throughout the sound range, this headset produces crystal clear audio with impressive bass notes and a crisp high-end.

Logitech Pro X gaming headset
At around R2,500, this is one of the most impressive gaming headsets I’ve seen around, and it offers superb value for money if you want to produce YouTube or Twitch content.
Blue Voice audio tech
Removable cables and mic
Ear cups don’t twist flat when around your neck
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