Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone backtracks on Bounty contracts

Infinity Ward released a Call of Duty: Warzone update last week that, amongst other things, added Most Wanted contracts. What they didn’t tell anyone was that they had also removed bounties. Community backlash was swift and Bounty contracts returned about 24 hours later.

The 28 April Warzone update introduced a new type of contract: Most Wanted. Most Wanted contracts let players put a bounty on themselves that allowed the whole map to see them, and hunt them, for five minutes. If they survived, they got a bunch of in-game cash and all their dead squad mates got revived.

Unfortunately, Most Wanted replaced the existing Bounty contracts that people actually quite liked. Squads could take a Bounty contract to hunt down a player on an opposing squad, for three minutes, to earn extra in-game cash and XP.

You’ve got to fix it if Ninja complains; that’s how the internet works.

What was so wrong with Most Wanted? Aside from a game-breaking bug that, apparently, removed players weapons when they revived a squad mate during the final moments of the Most Wanted contract, many players didn’t feel the risk was worth the reward. Five minutes is a long time when everyone on the map is hunting you.

So, the 30 April update removed Most Wanted and returned Bounty contracts. It’s unclear why the two cannot coexist, but it is possible Infinity Ward could bring back a tweaked version of Most Wanted in the future.

Via PC Gamer.

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