id Software splits with legendary composer Mick Gordon over Doom Eternal OST drama

Doom Eternal’s original soundtrack became available in April for owners of the Collector’s Edition and fans quickly noticed a difference in quality between the tracks. At the time, composer Mick Gordon appeared to disapprove of changes made by id Software. Fans then criticised id for restricting Gordon’s creative freedom and began directing personal attacks at the id employee responsible for the edits (because internet). Now, an open letter from id’s executive producer, Marty Stratton, has explained the situation.

In an open letter, posted to Reddit, Stratton clarifies that scheduling issues resulted in a compromise in quality on the OST. Basically, Gordon couldn’t meet the deadline, even after extensions, so id’s lead audio designer (not an award-winning composer) had to fill in the missing tracks from audio they already had. Not ideal, but not out of nowhere, as Gordon worked with the audio designer on the edited tracks.

In early April, I sent an email to Mick reiterating the importance of hitting his extended contractual due date and outlined in detail the reasons we needed to meet our commitments to our customers. I let him know that Chad had started work on the back-up tracks but reiterated that our expectation and preference was to release what he delivered. Several days later, Mick suggested that he and Chad (working on the back-up) combine what each had been working on to come up with a more comprehensive release.

Which they did. So, it was a bit of a dick move that Gordon responded to the OST criticism by suggesting he didn’t have any part in the edits.

According to id, Gordon (essentially the sound of Doom) will not be involved with the Doom Eternal DLC soundtrack.

I’m as disappointed as anyone that we’re at this point, but as we have many times before, we will adapt to changing circumstances and pursue the most unique and talented artists in the industry with whom to collaborate. Our team has enjoyed this creative collaboration a great deal and we know Mick will continue to delight fans for many years ahead.

Via Rock Paper Shotgun.

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