Nicholas Cage is Tiger King’s Joe Exotic in a new TV series based on the other TV series and 2020 is saved

In this week’s edition of It Was Destiny, NBC has confirmed that eccentric, morally ambiguous, occasionally mulleted Nicholas Cage will star as the eccentric, morally ambiguous, frequently mulleted zoo entrepreneur Joe Exotic in a show based on Netflix’s binge-o-matic true crime documentary series Tiger King.

The new eight-episode series, in production at CBS TV Studios, swaps the awkward filmed-as-it-happened lens of the Netflix original with a scripted narrative courtesy of American Vandal writer Dan Lagana, according to Variety, which presumably excludes the (multiple) inconvenient scenes in which Joe Exotic explains why, how, and when he’d kill his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin, and instead includes an elaborate sub-plot about Carol Baskin killing her husband. And then Joe Exotic marries Justin Bieber, but 2010 Justin Bieber, not 2020 Justin Bieber.

No other actors have been confirmed for now, but my dream cast would include Tilda Swinton as Carole Baskins because lol, Dave Bautista as John Finley, Bryan Cranston or Matthew McConaughey as John Reinke, John Malkovich as Doc Antle, Billy Bob Thornton as Rick Kirkman, and Jonathan Banks or maybe some kind of CGI lizard thing as Jeff Lowe.

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