Sony debuts its glamorous new PlayStation Studios brand, featuring new font and colour choices

In the much-anticipated sequel to the company’s provocative PS5 logo exhibition in January, and preceding what critics and industry analysts expect to be a dramatic reveal of the console’s port configuration and network settings as interpreted by the Moscow Ballet, Sony has introduced the splash video of its new PlayStation Studios brand.

Subtly complementing the PS5 logo with its post-metaphoric use of negative space and an almost decadent, even nihilistic sans-serif font, this is the video that will play at the start of games developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s first-party studios for exclusive launch of PS5 – a “precarious prospect” for the design team, Guy Imadeup tells NAG, but one that has accomplished its objective.

“Like a mirror to its observer’s emergent neo-synergistic impulses, the piece not just exposes the paradoxical relationship between absurdity and gender as a pre-conceptual narrative,” he explains. “But it also subverts them. Maybe the uppercase typography is too erotic for some audiences, but that’s obviously more subjective, lol.”

Sony did not show the actual PS5 console. Again.

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