Call of Duty Gulag

Call of Duty: Mobile is getting the Gulag, but probably not exactly how you want it

The Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter account is teasing the addition of what appears to be the Gulag, but it probably won’t be the same Gulag you know, and love, from Warzone.

In battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone, the Gulag is where you go the first time you die. There, you face off in a 1v1 bathroom battle against another downed player to earn the right to respawn. It’s a unique feature of Warzone that pretty much everyone loves. Now, it’s coming to Mobile, but probably as a 2v2 map and not as a feature of the Battle Royale game mode. Which I guess is cool, too…

It seems the claustrophobic map has been added to the Mobile test servers, with gameplay videos emerging around the same time as the Twitter teaser. It might be part of Season 7, which is also coming soon, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Maybe the mechanic will also be added to Battle Royale; you never know.

Free-to-play Call of Duty: Mobile has racked up over 172 million downloads since its release in October 2019. You can get it for Android and iOS operating systems.

Via GameSpot.

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