Skyrim Grandma

Skyrim Grandma taking a break from streaming, because people are the worst

Don’t like how someone plays? Watch a different stream.

Shirley Curry, aka Skyrim Grandma, gained a following in 2015 when she started streaming herself playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and other games; something she just enjoyed doing, being a gamer since the 90s. Due to her popularity, Curry became the record holder for being the oldest gamer on YouTube.

Unfortunately, being an octogenarian doesn’t make one immune to internet assholes. In a recent vlog post, Curry announced that she was taking a break from streaming for her own health. This is due to relentless negative and irritating comments that are causing an excessive amount of stress. Specifically, she refers to comments explaining the mechanics and features of the game she has been playing for years, people badgering her about optimum builds, and about quests they think she should be doing. Mostly, she’s just really tired of having to explain herself.

Let me play my game.

Unsurprisingly, she isn’t finding it fun any more, Tad.

A lot of people enjoy RPGs for the role-playing; it’s right there in the name. Trying to tell anyone how they should be playing an RPG is absurd. Also, whatever play style is the most fun for you, for any game, is the way you should be playing (assuming you’re not actively harming anyone else).

Via GameSpot.

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