Are you watching Upload?

Because you should be. Part romance, part workplace comedy, part science fiction, part dystopian satire, part murder mystery, part… well, you get it. It’s a lot.

Created by Greg Daniels (of the US version of The Office), Upload depicts a grim future where those that can afford it are saved to digital heavens. Instead of dying, “uploads” spend eternity hanging out in luxurious estates or – budget depending – barebones basements with limited server space dedicated to rendering their clothes and furniture.

The show follows premature upload Nathan as he adjusts to his new afterlife, struggling with monotony, microtransactions, and the awkwardness of attending your own funeral. As his relationship with his still-living girlfriend deteriorates, he begins to get closer to his customer service angel Nora.

The breezy sitcom tone that Daniels honed on those middle seasons of The Office really glues the show together. Winning chemistry and sharp jokes make it an easy watch even when the various sub-plots and mysteries start to intrude on the compelling “Black Mirror meets The Good Place” central hook. Released in a period where everyone’s lives are becoming increasingly digital whether we want it or not, Upload balances cynicism with sweetness as it explores the limits humans will go to just to connect.

Upload is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video, and has been renewed for a second season.

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