Call of Duty: Warzone

Infinity Ward promises to “a better job” dealing with racist Call of Duty players

Acknowledging that, despite “issuing thousands of daily bans”, Call of Duty lobbies are still hosting too many white supremacists, cringecore it-was-just-a-joke-bros, and that guy who blasts obnoxious music over his mic like it’s 1998 and that’s original, the studio is working to improve in-game content filters and reporting systems.

Since the recent human rights protests started in the US, companies have been scrambling to social media with awkward WE’RE SUPER NOT RACIST brand statements, including multiple game industry publishers, developers, and franchise marketing managers. Now, I don’t think it’s a controversial claim that military FPS games like Call of Duty comprise a disproportionate percentage of the asshole player demographic compared with, like, The Sims. Maybe it’s the questionable politics and imperialist rhetoric, or, I dunno, the fun-with-guns. Same thing for some people, I guess.

One more obligatory us-too or an actual, real promise to fix things? It’s hard to tell the difference at the moment.

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