There was a lot going on at the PS5 Future of Gaming event

The PS5 Future of Gaming Show happened last night and there was a lot to take in, so we’ve gathered a couple of trailers that might be of interest to you. For maximum scrutiny of all 26 game announcements, you can check out the full, hour-and-a-bit, event over here.


Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy goes west in the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, and, this time, she’s saving the future world from a mysterious plague that’s threatening the existence of all the things.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Miles Morales is saving the world his own way, in his own Spider-Man game.

Godfall gameplay

So, Godfall is all about becoming a godlike, unstoppable death machine; nice.

Resident Evil Village or… VIIIage

Sjoe, Ethan just can’t seem to catch a break.


If at first you don’t succeed… die, die again. You play as Colt, an assassin trapped in a time loop, being hunted by the inhabitants of an island paradise, and also another assassin, while trying to find a way to break free.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Abe is back and still trying to get his people safe.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Tokyo has become a literal ghost town and it’s up to you, and your fancy finger formations, to put these supernatural shenanigans to an end.


You play as a stray cat in a neon-soaked future world where humans have been replaced by robots and you just want to find your way home. I don’t need to explain myself. Look at her little back pack!

Fortnite and Borderlands 3 updates are also getting delayed