Summer Game Fest

The Summer Game Fest Demo Event is bringing over 60 new demos to an Xbox One near you

Since hardly anyone is allowed to go anywhere, at the moment, Xbox is replacing the games convention demo experience with a Summer Game Fest Demo Event that will let you get hands-on with over 60 new game demos.

Running for a week, from 21 to 27 July, the Summer Game Fest Demo Event is hoping to replicate the experience of attending a big convention, like E3 or PAX,  by letting anyone with an Xbox One try out a bunch of upcoming games without having to deal with queues, plane tickets, and budgetary/plague concerns related to international travel.

So, for that week, you’ll be able to find more than 60 (and potentially up to 100) free demos on a special Game Fest Demo tile on the Xbox One Dashboard. There’s just one thing that Xbox’s senior product marketing manager Glenn Gregory wants you to know: many of the demos will be very early in the game’s development and won’t necessarily represent the finished product.

As a very tiny taste of what to expect, the event will include demos for Cris Tales, Destroy All Humans!, Haven, Hellpoint, Skatebird, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, Raji: An Ancient Epic, and Welcome to Elk.

Once the event is over, the demos will disappear back into the ether, so be sure to check them out while you can and, if you thought something was awesome, or even if it really wasn’t, let the developers know (in a constructive manner).

Summer Game Fest is a an industry-wide, digital celebration of video games, featuring events by a variety of publishers, because 2020 cancelled all the physical conventions. It’s running until August 2020.

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