Call of Duty OK

Nothing is “OK” in Call of Duty any more

As usual, assholes are ruining the fun for everyone as Infinity Ward has quietly removed the popular OK hand gesture from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone, potentially due to its association with the white power movement.

Okay, so, the OK hand gesture has been used by humans for literal centuries, with symbolism ranging from love, to wealth, to obscenity depending on the culture and context in which it’s being used. In Western cultures, it’s generally used as a positive gesture indicating that you are, in fact, okay. Then, 4chan came along and ruined everything.

Long story short: 4chan ran a troll campaign in 2017 to convince everyone that the OK gesture had been co-opted by white supremacists (who actually did use it prior to this), assholes then started using it ironically to “trigger the liberals”, and the white supremacists got to keep using it with the safety net of plausible deniability (because being an ironic Nazi is fine lol). Now, the gesture, added earlier in the year, has been removed from Call of Duty.

Infinity Ward hasn’t said why the OK gesture was removed from the games, so the hate symbol link is all assumption at this point. Although, by removing a gesture that the vast majority of people don’t use for evil (showboating doesn’t count), they’re probably just giving more power to the trolls.

Via Kotaku.

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