Gears 5 Operation 4

Gears 5 Operation 4 adds earnable currency, removes Scrap and Totem progression

In an effort to simplify how content is unlocked in Gears 5 Operation 4, The Coalition is revamping the store and adding a new, earnable currency, while getting rid of Scrap and Totem progress.

With Operation 4 starting next week, The Coalition has announced some changes to the way unlocking new content will work in Gears 5. First up, they’ve removing Scrap and Totem progress and replacing it with a new currency: Gears Coins. Gears Coins are earned by playing the game and can be used to unlock almost everything in the store (esports packs and select bundles excluded) or for upgrading PvE skill cards. You can earn the coins just by playing, progressing through the Tour of Duty, and as rewards for playing Ranked and Escape. The balance of any Scrap and Totem progress you have before Operation 4 begins will be converted into Gears Coins.

And if you’ve already completed your Tour of Duty? Fortunately for you, they’re adding a new Legends rank so you can keep earning coins like everyone else.

Also new in Operation 4, you’ll unlock Characters whenever you earn, or purchase, any related Character skin. Randomly acquired a badass Dom skin, but don’t actually own him? Boom, you can now play as Dom (also, they’ve resurrected Dom).

Finally, the store will be updated with a permanent collection of items that will never leave, with new content added every week. New content will only be purchasable using Iron (real money) for a short time before it becomes available to buy with Gears Coins. Once an Operation ends, most of its related content will move to the permanent collection, with some of it entering a rotation schedule – all still purchasable using Gears Coins.

Gears 5 Operation 4: Brothers in Arms begins on 14 July 2020 at 18:00 SAST.

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