The Sims Spark'd

There’s a The Sims reality competition show coming out and can 2020 just stop?

If you love The Sims, maybe you’re going to love watching people play The Sims for money – I don’t know your life.

The Sims Spark’d is an upcoming show (sort of like the myriad competitive fashion design/body painting/hair styling shows that have appeared over the recent years) that will see 12 The Sims fans (Simmers) in a competition to tell creative stories within the world of The Sims. The only limit is their imagination and, well, the time limit set by the judges. If they impress said judges, they could win $100,000, because EA apparently has too much money.

There will also be challenges set for viewers that could see you picked to appear on future episodes of The Sims Spark’d – episodes that are totally going to happen.

If there isn’t a most creative Sim death/murder house category, is it really exploring the full Sims experience?

The Sims Spark’d begins on TBS on 17 July 2020 and will then be streamed on Buzzfeed Multiplayer the Monday after each episode airs.

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