Watch Dogs: Legion’s grannies are here to kick ass and make tea, and they’re all out of tea

As demonstrated in this new trailer, the game’s innovative “Play as Anyone” feature lets you enlist and deploy your DedSec diversity dream team of hacker-anarchists, construction workers, pub thugs, and grumpy pensioners. I know who I’m choosing to liberate London.

Play as Anyone gives players the entire city of London to choose their roster of resistance members from. Every single person in the open world can be recruited and played, is unique and has a backstory, personality and skillset.

According to the press stuffs, you’ll manage a roster of up to 40 ad hoc operatives at a time, and use them strategically, “whether the approach is from the sky while riding high on a cargo drone as a construction worker, or on the ground as a spy using high-tech gadgets like a gun-jamming watch and a prototype of a rocket-firing car”, or, you know, as Auntie Mildred and her tactical doilies. I dunno if tactical doilies are actually a thing in the game, but I think they should be.

Watch Dogs: Legion launches on 29 October.

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