Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator embraces nostalgia with 10 disc physical edition

The physical copy of Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator comes on 10 DVDs if you want to avoid the 90GB download and have some shelf space that needs filling.

The physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator is being distributed by Aerosoft in Europe (only), and comes as 10 double-layer DVDs with a handy manual made up of actual pages that you must move in order to continue reading. It will be exactly the same content as the downloadable version, for a similar price, just in a state more vulnerable to cats and other agents of chaos.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will let you fly all manner of aircraft, from light planes to chonky jets, around a dynamic, living world, including over 2 million cities full of mountains, rivers, roads, people, and animals. You won’t be travelling anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well simulate it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s ETA on PC and Xbox One is set for 18 August 2020. Please be reminded that the snacks are not complimentary.

What’s the biggest game you remember playing? Mine’s 1995’s Phantasmagoria, which came on seven discs and gave me nightmares.

Via Kotaku.

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