Project Power

Project Power imagines a world threatened by superpower drugs

Jaime Foxx is coming to Netflix to save the world from criminals hopped up on random, five minute superpowers in Project Power.

Project Power stars Jamie Foxx as an ex-soldier, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a cop, and newcomer Dominique Fishback as a teenage dealer, working together to stop a new drug that gives the user a random superpower for five minutes, because obviously the drug has led to a wave of superpowered crime. You don’t know what superpower you’re going to get, if it will be useful to your criminal/heroic endeavours, or if it will just kill you, but you could be Superman for five minutes – totally worth it.

The film does not appear to be an adaptation of any existing work, so I’m looking forward to a somewhat original take on the superhero genre.

Project Power hits Netflix on 14 August 2020.

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