And the rAge 2020 survey winners are…

The votes are in, the data is being compiled and analysed and discussed by important people in lab coats like in the movies, and NAG’s Random Number Generator-O-Matic 3000 has chosen its champions!

But first, rAge organiser Michael James has this to say:

We received an unprecedented response to our rAge digital survey. Many of the responses were in line with our expectations, but when you analyse the data, more interesting patterns emerge – it’s all in the numbers Mason. We also received many amazing ideas about what you want to see in a digital rAge – we’re having a look at all of those ideas and we’ll aim to get as many of them realised as possible. The responses went from someone saying, “Surprise me”, all the way to many of you expressing excitement because you’d never been to rAge before due to living in a different part of the country. These are exciting times and we hope that whatever we end up doing makes everyone happy!

And also, a shout-out to our sexy swag sponsors AOC, Matrix Warehouse, TVR Computers, ComputersOnly, Acer, Ryga_Art, and Apex Interactive:

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Now, the lucky winners:

  • Aiden Holley
  • Christiaan Harmse
  • Danièlle van der Merwe
  • Dominique Botha
  • Emeil Pillay
  • Evan McColl
  • Franco Visagie
  • George Rudman
  • Henno Pieters
  • Jacques Adlem
  • Joe Smith
  • Kieran Fouche
  • Michael Saez
  • Mike Joubert
  • Pippa Tshabalala
  • Thulasizwe Ngcobo
  • Tommy Murray
  • Tyrone Bright
  • Willem Herbst
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