Halo Infinite Master Chief

“Master Chief is not Spider-Man” – Halo Infinite dev

Also, it’s called a Grappleshot – get it right.

One Halo Infinite feature, that appeared in the gameplay trailer last week, has caused some concern among fans. So much concern that 343 Industries head of design Jerry Hook (yes) felt the need to clarify, to GameSpot, that the grappling hook (Grappleshot) will not turn the Master Chief into Spider-Man. Also, it already existed in the Halo lore, so it’s not even that weird that he has one, you guys.

I want to make sure our fans understand this–Master Chief is not Spider-Man. That is not at all what the Grappleshot does.

Because, apparently, even being Spider-Man is bad in 2020.

According to said lore, UNSC Marines and Spartans have previously used the Grappleshot to enable ship-to-ship combat; I assume in much the same way the grappling hook was used in actual naval warfare to allow for the boarding of enemy vessels. The Chief just has a modified version that lets him grapple items, bits of the environment, and enemies as he sees fit.

There will be no swinging from rooftop to rooftop with wild abandon, so DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

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