Halo MCC

Halo MCC crossplay will increase the matchmaking pool, just don’t expect an on/off toggle

Crossplay is coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection and matchmaking will be determined by playlist and input device.

According to a recent MCC Development Update, when crossplay comes to the MCC, allowing Xbox and PC users to play together, matchmaking will be determined by the playlist you’ve selected and the input device you’re using. Basically, if the playlist is competitive, like Invasion, you’ll only match with players that are using the same input device, in order to avoid the unfair, keyboard and mouse versus controller situation that has plagued so many other online multiplayer games that offer crossplay.

Also, there won’t be a toggle that lets you choose to only match with a specific platform. Instead, you will be able to set your preferred input device and you will be locked into that preference when searching for specific competitive matches. For less competitive playlists, like Infection or Firefight, everyone can play together, with no restrictions on input device, and your selected preference won’t make a difference. You’ll also be able to see what input device other players are using while waiting in the lobby.

This was done to reduce matchmaking time; an issue that Halo fans have been complaining about for a while.

Having a mouse and keyboard only population, a controller only population, and an ‘all inputs possible’ population would split the population extensively and having them all searching the same playlist would drive up the time to match significantly. We’ll be able to tune which playlists require input locking based on search times and player feedback as well.

There’s no specific date for when crossplay is coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but they’re talking about it, so it can’t be that far off.

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