Horizon Zero Dawn

Latest Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch lets Aloy grow up

The PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn came with more than its fair share of bugs, one of which caused protagonist Aloy to remain a child far longer than intended, but that, and a number of other issues, has been fixed with the latest patch.

The prologue of Horizon Zero Dawn has the player track Aloy from birth to adulthood, including a little bit of childhood gameplay where she explores a cave. The childhood sequence ends with a cut-scene that is meant to time-jump Aloy to her adult form, but some unfortunate players had their game crash mid-scene. Then, when they returned to the game, they were stuck as pre-adolescent Aloy forever.

While the idea of going on a mech-monster murder rampage as a little girl may sound appealing, young Aloy isn’t equipped with some basic, but crucial, abilities like climbing, zip-lining, and using a bow. Which made progressing the story pretty much impossible.

Aside from lifting the curse of eternal youth, the latest patch also includes a bunch of other crash fixes, improvements to 4K scaling and the Frame Rate Limiter, and functionality issues relating to snow deformation and the Concentration skill.

For all the details of the fixes included in patch 1.03, you can check out the official patch notes.

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