rAge 2020: Dress up and win prizes in the GES Cosplay Contest

The global pandemic cancelled your birthday party, maybe, but your gender-bender, cardboard couture Godzilla ensemble won’t be wasted because signup for the GES Cosplay Contest at rAge Digital 2020 is now open.

Organised by local cosplay scene queen and feline aesthete Jade “Cat’s Tail” Loader, the GES Cosplay Contest is an annual marquee feature at rAge, with the 2019 Best in Show winner Maou Ookami taking home R15,000 cash and one of the judge slots for rAge Digital 2020. He’ll be three-upping with Miguel Lima (6 Ways of the Ninja) and Cynthia Brown (Sin Bin) to decide who’s who in our first ever, totally futuristic online event. Get wiggy with it.


  • The GES Cosplay Contest is an online event this year, for obvious reasons, so contestants must have access to a mic, headphones, and an internet connection that can support video streaming.
  • There’s a entry fee of R80 per contestant, paid in advance.
  • Each contestant’s submission must include photos and a video of their cosplay, with a text document that explains how it was made, and a reference image of the character they’ve chosen. No noodz, guys.
  • Submissions must be completed before the weekend of rAge Digital 2020 (exact weekend to be confirmed, please standby, but you’ve got time, we pinky-promise).
  • Once their submission is in, contestants will be assigned a date and time slot, and a link to a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting with the judges and a GES rep.
  • The competition spans three categories (Pop Culture, Gaming, and Anime/Manga) and six divisions (Solo, Group, Skit, Construction, Representation, and Master). Some limits and restrictions apply for entry in multiple categories or divisions. For more information about this, the competition rules, and emergency DIY superglue solvent tips, visit GES on Facebook.
  • Prizes will be announced soon.
  • GL;HF
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