Your Twitch livestream can help save the world with GivenGain’s charity widget

Local fundraising org GivenGain has introduced its livestream widget for gamers, so now you can totally make up for your miserable K/D ratio by supporting charity. It’s a lose-win, and you got fragged on purpose for the doggos at the SPCA so you’re the real hero.

Opened in Cape Town in 2001, GivenGain is a non-profit startup that provides accessible online charity fundraising solutions, dealing with the tedious admin things so you don’t have to. Sign up (for free!), choose a donation beneficiary and funding goal, and add the GivenGain widget to OBS to launch your campaign. EZPZ, and you can tell your mom that, actually, gaming isn’t a stupid waste of time because you’re doing important humanitarian work.

“It’s a very exciting time for charities and a big focus for GivenGain. People are cooped up during COVID-19, which causes many people to spend a lot of time online,” explains GivenGain CEO Marius Maré. “Why not use that time to do a charity drive and potentially make a huge difference in the process?”

South African gamer and stream scene superstar Grant Hinds recently banked over R40,000 for homeless charity New Hope SA, exceeding his original funding goal of R35,000. What’s stopping you? Even if a campaign doesn’t meet its funding goal, every donation counts and that R100 could feed a family in Khayelitsha for a week.

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